Association for the establishment of the National Foundation for the Conservation of the Portuguese Heritage


How this project came about  

This Project  was born out of a desire to bring about a more effective and urgent protection of  our  national heritage, whether rural or urban , so that places of interest are not victims of  rampant, indiscriminate  construction.
This project aims at the conservation of such places that are part of the heritage, culture and environment of the Portuguese territory that we consider important to contribute to a good quality of life for it's citizens.

 The Goal

Its purpose is the promotion and conservation of places of beauty, historic or natural interest of our heritage through their recognition and when possible, their acquisition, so that they remain the property of the Foundation for the enjoyment of everyone forever.


Our Motto


“ For everyone and for ever”

For everyone, because everyone should be able to enjoy the work of the foundation , the sites , the fact that these are conserved and because everyone can take an active part in the project .

Forever, because when it acquires a property is always with the intention to protect in perpetuity .

And because we work so that the relations between the foundation and the persons or entities are collaborating lasting relationships .



Why a Trust?

Because its operations are nationwide and assets to be acquired will be owned by the foundation forever and all funds donated or raised in various ways will be used only to serve the purposes for which the foundation proposes to accomplish.

We have established the legal base for  the National Foundation for the Conservation of the Portuguese Heritage and  requested official recognition by our Government which we are still working to obtain . In order to move forward with the proposed objectives during this waiting period,  and to further assist , we also constituted the Association for the constitution of the National Foundation for the Conservation of Heritage Portuguese  which will work according to the principles established in the Foundation.


Areas of activity

Its activity will have national scope and in the pursuit of its objectives , the foundation will cover various aspects such as information , dissemination and awareness of conservation issues associated with education, history and culture .

It contemplates the recognition and possible acquisition of local preserves , which in  the future can be done through a trust fund established for this purpose .
It will take into account the use of local resources , which promote  conservation and regional development.

The project is of interest for our country because the activities to be undertaken by the foundation will cover these areas directly :

    • Quality of life
    • Environment
    • Education and training
    • Culture
    • Work
    • Art
    • Heritage Protection
    • Regional and Local Development
    • Economic Development


And indirectly the areas of :

    • Health
    • Citizenship and fundamental rights