How to colaborate

    • 1- Becoming a member

    • 2- Becoming a volunteer

      If you have time available to collaborate in the project and want to become a volunteer please contact us.
      Among other activities, volunteers can make goods or donate goods for sale in our shop on the internet, contributing to the creation of the list of places to protect, help publicize the project and conduct fund raising events, assist in the recovery and restoration of properties, etc. ...

    • 3- Promoting the project
    • Through your emails, facebook, twitter and friends, you can help us promote this project in the country and overseas.

    • 4- Buying our products in store from the internet or other sites

      In our internet shop we have a wide variety of new and used items in various categories, at very affordable prices.
      Some of the items are made by artisans and their sale helps to generate jobs, which helps to sustainable development, particularly in the villages.

    • 5- Sugesting places to protect

      There are many places of great beauty and historical interest in our country or simply special.
      With your help we can reference this locations more quickly, make a list and, acording to our priorities and possibilities intervene appropriately with a view to their preservation.

    • 6- Ofering us good quality photografs of our contry

      Throught photografs we can know our country better, including places that we would like to preserv. These can have many uses, such as the placement site for the national consultation and consultation of foreigners who are interested in visiting our country and thus encourage tourism, criation of a photografic file, aplication on items for sale in the shop, etc…

    • 7- Giving constructive suggestions

      Constructive suggestions are very welcome. We strive to optimize our resources and the more ideas and experience the better.

    • 8- Leaving your assets to the association in a will or as a gift or lending us your property to rent

      Many people over the years have left their property in their will to various entities that do good.
      Through our work, we aim to protect the national heritage,culture and environment in portuguese territory, wich are things we consider important to improve the quality of life.
      At the sime time, we help directly creating jobs, recovering properties, creating places of beauty and recreation open to the comunity, for adults and children, promoting teaching and education, art, encouraging local and regional development.
      If you live abrod and do not intend to return, or if you have no heirs and no one to leave your assets or property to, you might consider leaving them through will or donation to the association.
      The properties acquired will forever remain in the association property (trust when possible) and may not be sold.
      If they are intended for housing, they can be restored and used for rental, turism or comunity benefit, wich helps to create local employement and regional development. The income the association would get from those properties would be to suport their maintainance and to acquire other properties that need protection.
      If they are farmsteads, they will be grown bearing in mind the respect for the environement, the precepts of biodiversity and organic agriculture.
      If you have a property in good condition you might consider renting it and donating a portion of your income to the association or if you prefer you can let the association treats the lease.

    • 9- Donating articles in good condition for us to sell

      Some of the items in our store were donated by people who wished to help us raise funds. If you have items in very good condition or new that you wish to donate, it is a good way to help. We accept: furniture, tableware, appliances, articles for the garden, for children and  home decor, pet accessories, music , etc.

      Some of the articles can be used to furnish the properties run by the association.